How to Recover Files from Windows Computer?

Microsoft Windows is an Operating System introduced by Microsoft Corporation. Windows has introduced many versions some of them are Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 etc. The latest version of the Windows is Windows 8. Windows OS have many user-friendly features in order to minimize work of users.

In case, if you lose several important files from Windows system because of various reasons such as virus intrusion, file system corruption, accidental deletion, unintentional formatting etc. Losing important files and folders may upset you a lot and gets you into trouble. However, you don’t need to be worried because you can perform Windows file recovery on Windows system using Windows file Recovery Tool.

Scenarios that cause loss of files from Windows system:

  • Accidental deletion: Unintentionally deleting the files and folders using normal “delete” or “shift+ delete” and accidentally formatting the drive may also cause severe loss of data.
  • Formatting Error: The interruption during the formatting / repartitioning may cause unfinished progress and important data stored on hard drive of Windows system will be lost.
  • Fragmentation Error: Fragmentation is one of the methods for arranging files and folders present in drive in some systematic way. Due to the sudden crash in program application performing fragmentation may cause sudden failure of hard disk of Windows system.
  • Virus Infection: This is one of the common reasons that may cause hard drive failure. Virus enters the Windows system through internet when the user downloads files from unauthorized websites or from some USB devices connected to the Windows system. Once the virus enters the system it will corrupt the files in hard drive. Finally, you will lose files from hard drive of windows 8 system.
  • Unintentional formatting: Sometimes while working with the Windows system by mistake you may format the hard drive or partition of the hard drive this may lead to severe data loss from your Windows system.

Features of Windows File Recovery Tool:

  • This software performs Windows file recovery in order to recover image, video, audio, document etc. from Windows system.
  • This enables you with power packed scan engines so that you can scan the whole drive in order to recover files from Windows system efficiently without any modifications.
  • It not only recover files from hard drive but also from external storage devices such as USB flash drive, FireWire drives, iPods, etc…
  • Using this tool you can perform Windows file recovery in FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT partitions / drives.
  • By using this recovery tool you can perform Windows file recovery in various versions of Windows OS like Windows8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and 2007 servers.
  • It provides you with “Preview” option by which you can view the recovered files before saving it.
  • It facilitates you with “Save Recovery Session” by this option you can resume the recovery process and need not to rescan the drive.
  • It provides you with free demo version.
  • It facilitates you with 24×7 free customer supports via live chat, email etc. in order to solve your queries.

Know How to Recover Formatted Mac Hard Drive Data

Hard drive or HDD is a type of data storage media, which is used as a default storage device on any Desktop or Laptop computers, such as Mac, Windows, Linux, UNIX and other. So, whatever work is done on the computer is by default going to be saved on its hard drive. As it is comes with enough data storage capacity, many people prefer hard drive to save their important data for further use. In hard drive you can store any type of data like images, videos, music files, games, application files and so on.

Though, hard drive is considered as much safer and secure storage of Mac computer, data may also get deleted of lost from it due to various known or unknown reasons. Sometimes, you may find that hard drive refuse to open with some error message like unsupported file system, invalid disk, inaccessible drive etc. In such case, you will be forced to format the hard drive and once it is formatted, all data will be lost from the drive/volume. Which won’t be retrieved manually. So, if you want the lost data back from formatted hard drive then you need to use third party programs.

If you are finding solution to recover formatted Mac hard drive data then make use of Unformat Mac utility. It has been designed especially to recover data from formatted hard drive. But the tool can also be utilized to unformat Mac hard drive even it is re-formatted. Here only one thing you have to remember is, make sure that hard drive data is not overwritten. Because, once the data is overwritten, it will be lost forever. So, always try to avoid overwriting of data, if you want to restore data from formatted hard drive.

Some reasons when Mac hard drive may get formatted or you might be forced to format it:

  • Accidental format: While trying to format external hard drive, you may accidentally format the local hard drive of Mac PC. As a result all data will be lost from its memory.
  • Virus attack: Viruses are very powerful and harmful programs, when they get into Mac computer there is high chances of corruption of hard drive. Sometimes, hard drive may get inaccessible and leave no option other than formatting it. And once formatted means loss of large amount of data from formatted Mac volume.
  • Re- Partitioning error: If the re-partitioning process get interrupted due to some reason then you might get error message, asking to format the volume for restarting the partitioning process. Here you may format the volume which may lead to loss of data from formatted volume. So, it is recommended to use Disk Utility to partition Mac hard drive, to know more check this and learn how to format Mac volume using Disk Utility.

Key features of Unformat Mac utility:

Unformat Mac software is capable to recover almost all type of data from formatted Mac hard drive including media files, documents, games and many other. As it is built after long research done by industry expert programmers, it is the most believable utility to unformat Mac hard drive without losing any single data from its memory. The tool is implemented with advanced and fast scanning mechanism, which helps the users to recover data from formatted hard drive within couple of minutes.

Developed with graphical user interface, so users no need to worry about how to perform successful data recovery operation from formatted hard drive within few simple steps. It is read only tool, which ensures safe recovery of data from formatted drive without making any changes on its original data. Additionally, the tool can also be utilized to unformat external hard drive, SSD, USB flash drives etc. Utilizing this powerful utility, one can recover highly encrypted and compressed files from hard drive of Mac PC.

Recover Deleted or Lost CR2 Photos from Canon EOS DSLR

Digital cameras are widely used nowadays by most of the people for capturing and storing their memorable images in most easy way. Canon EOS (Electro-Optical System) is a high definition single lens reflex camera developed and manufactured by big electronic company named Canon Inc. There are several series of DSLR model introduced by the Canon Inc time to time. The DSLR series models are works on highly advance firmware to give much better image view.

Firmware is embedded software which is installed on the professional digital camera at the time of manufacturing. Firmware helps different digital camera components to function as a unit for better performance. The update of version of the digital camera firmware is released by the company which is notified to user by email or on the company’s websites. The customer should go through the website to download the latest update version of the Firmware to the computer and then plug-in the DSLR camera to the computer and install the software.

But sometime due to any problem occurred with the Firmware in the digital camera you may loss/delete some your valuable images. This type incident occurs due to various unknown reasons such as accidental shutdown of camera, file corruption and for many other reasons. This creates panic situation for you and you may think to restore Canon EOS DSLR cr2 raw images deleted after firmware issues.

Well, no needs to become panic such situation because a prominent data recovery tool has made it much easier to recover cr2 raw images from Canon DSLR camera. Deleted Pictures Recovery is the most dominant and reliable tool to restore Canon EOS DSLR cr2 raw images deleted after firmware issues on all  the latest version of Windows and Mac operating system efficiently. That is why this utility is widely among the satisfied users and many professional experts all over the world.

Reasons for Firmware Issue:

While Firmware update is under process, if any type interruption occurs it may leads to Firmware error which causes loss of images from digital camera.

Accidental Shutdown of Camera: It may happen while Firmware update is going on that means your camera may accidentally switch off due to low battery or any battery related problem which may leads to Firmware update failure. Due this occurrence your digital camera photos becomes inaccessible which may get you frustrated about the recovery.

Firmware Corruption: This type of occurrence may also cause Firmware update failure.  This failure may occur due to any interruption in downloading process or Virus infection or due any error while downloading the Firmware.

Some Important Features of Deleted Pictures Recovery tool:

  1. Deleted Pictures Recovery software is the professional and cost effective photo recovery tool which helps to recover raw pictures from CR2 Canon EOS DSLR after Firmware issue on Mac as well as Windows operating system in a hassle free manner.
  2. This utility has specially designed algorithm which can easily perform recovery on Canon DSLR camera images that are lost due to some Firmware issue such as accidental shutdown of camera, Firmware corruption, etc. in few simple steps.
  3. It supports recovery of over more than 300 types of files which include various video files such as 3GP, 3G2, MP4, MOV, MPEG, AVI, etc. and several audio files such as MP3, M4b, MIDI, AIF, WAV, AMR etc, and various RAW images files such as CR2, CRW, ARW, SR2, NEF, ORF, DNG, etc. in very less amount of time.
  4. This application is capable to restore Canon EOS DSLR cr2 raw images deleted after firmware issues and also supports various brands of digital camera like Sony, Nikon, Kodak, Samsung, Fujifilm, etc.

Essential Software for Deleted Video Recovery On Mac

Mac is one typically the most popular operating system today, this OS system made by the Apple Inc. Among these Mac Lion is among the most popular and the majority of used OS on Mac computers. Mac Lion would be the 8th release of Mac OS system version that has well-equipped features: like by the help of Mac App store you can buy any of the preferred application and make the Mac Lion performance better and it is also possible to add new features for your Mac Lion. This consists of many advanced features such as support of multi touched gestures which including three fingered swipe, scroll, pinching, zooming, full screen apps such as resume, and auto save, airdrop that is drop box type of feature etc.

After seeing these outstanding features you should know the file deletion situations of Mac Lion, but don’t worry because this informative article will provide you with the solution. Thus, at present it’s possible to recover deleted files on Mac Lion without any type of interruption or burden. It’s also possible to recover deleted videos on Mac this task can be accomplished by utilizing most advanced file recovery tool called Mac File Recovery software.

Some common scenarios that leads to delete files through Mac Lion

Delete Commands: Most of the time it is often noticed that by utilizing “Command + Shift + Option+ Delete” options you might delete your file. Sometimes you may delete the actual contents of trash without checking the trash contents; hence this might results file deletion.

Unintentional Deletion: Many times Mac users choose deleting the unwanted files in the system. During this file deletion if you select some essential data files and press delete key then you may lose your file from you drive.

Sudden System Shutdown: In case you are performing file editing operation of the file and during such process, if sudden system shutdown occurs because of power loss then you will find chances that the unsaved document might be lost from the drive.

Mac file recovery application features

  • Apart from recovering deleted files on Mac Lion this software can recover lost files also.
  • Once recovery process is completed then your recovered data can be arranged in the particular order depending upon file properties like file type, file name, file size, date of file generation.
  • By making use of this software it could be possible to recover files from different Mac file systems like HFS, HFS+ as well as HFSX.
  • This software has capacity to recover deleted data on additional Mac OS versions such as Mountain Lion, Mac Leopard, Mac Snow leopard etc.
  • Mac file recovery software allows you to recover deleted files through different Mac devices such as MacBook, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini along with other latest versions of Mac.
  • This tool has extremely powerful scanning engine by using which you’ll retrieve any type of files like text file, image file, document, media files etc. For more details visit this site:
  • By using preview option it can possible to know recovered files before going to buy the full version of the software.

Software to Recover Files Deleted from iMac

Have you deleted important files on iMac? Do not you know how to restore them? Are you searching for a solution to recover them? Do not worry; now you are landed at a right place to the solution for recovery of deleted files. Whenever you delete any files from iMac laptop, you can eventually restore them from Trash folder provided in iMac laptop, which is located in?the home screen of laptop. This Trash folder stored all deleted files by user. Sometimes you are unable to find deleted files from Trash folder also then you have to recover from Time machine that backup recent files and folders. Due to your bad luck,?their also you do not find deleted files then what will you do? No need to worry; because with the use of efficient Mac undelete software; you can easily undelete deleted files on iMac laptop in few simple steps.

How does this application helpful in restoring deleted files from iMac?

This Mac undelete application is specially designed to undelete files from various Mac machines, which is more robust and reliable software compared to other. However, this application has user-friendly interface thus helps all types of user to carry out ?successful deleted files recovery from Mac products. ?Initially, this application scans your iMac hard drive very thoroughly and locates all deleted files. Finally, recovers them without changing its file structure in few simple steps and displays them on screen in File Type View and Data View format, which helps you to track your deleted files easily. Hence, it is the best file recovery application to carry out deleted file recovery on iMac.

Note: Do not install this application from where you have deleted files on iMac machine because deleted files may overwrite by application installation process and leads to loss of files permanently beyond recovery.

Major reasons behind loss of files from iMac

  • Emptying Trash folder: Generally, Trash folder in Mac OS stores all deleted files and allows you to restore them. Suppose if you have moved few files to Trash folder and planned to restore later due to low memory space, but if you emptied Trash folder without restoring file will lead to loss of files.
  • Formatting hard drive: Consider you have stored a list of important office files in one of the drives of hard disk and you have formatted that drive accidentally instead of formatting unwanted drive while installing additional OS on hard drive will result?in loss of huge files.
  • Interrupting file transfer: Consider, one day you may run out of memory space to store new files in?hard drive. In such situation, you may plan to move all old files to external hard drive to make some free space to store new files. But while transferring process is taking place between your iMac and external hard drive if any interruption occurs such as sudden system termination or ejecting connected device will result in loss of files that are being in transferring mode.
  • File system error: File system in hard drive plays major role in organizing and managing data storage and applications. In hard drive, you may have HFSX, HFS+, NTFS, NTFS5, FAT32 file system. Suppose in your iMac machine file system is corrupted due to any reasons then you are unable to startup laptop and this leads to loss of files.

You may lose important files and folders from your iMac system due to any of above-mentioned reasons. In addition, you may also lose files due to catalog file corruption, unknowingly deleting files through command line, MBR corruption, etc. However, whatsoever might be reasons behind loss of files from iMac machine, you can easily recover with the use of file recovery software in simple steps.

Note: Make use of demo version of this application which works similar to it. You can also perform complete file recovery process and allows you to preview all resorted files through Preview option. However, it does not allow you to save restored files if you are happy with results then buy activation key which enables save option in demo version.

Various advantages of this software are

  • Supports HFSX, HFSX, FAT32 file system
  • Restores deleted files from memory card, external hard drive, iPod, etc
  • Performs safe, secure and quick deleted files recovery
  • Recovers files from inaccessible, formatted, damaged hard drives
  • Provides free technical support for 24*7 hours

Precautions to be followed in avoiding file loss

  • Always-backup important files to any external devices
  • Make use of portable hard drive to backup old data
  • Be cautious while involving in format process

Tool to Recovery of Deleted Music Files on Mac

Mac is computer Operating system developed by Apple Inc. Generally, people use hard drives to store the data files such as music files, memorable videos, documents etc.

The music files contained in the Mac computers are very prone to deletion; in the process of deletion people may lose music files and also other files. This file deletion problem may occur in different scenarios. Whatever may be the reason you can recover deleted music files on mac with the help of Mac File Recovery.

Scenarios that causes deletion of music files on mac:

  • Accidental deletion: Accidental deletion is the one of the most common deletion scenario. This type of scenario may occur, when you want to delete unnecessary folder instead of that you delete the folder that contains music files on your Mac computer.
  • Interruption during Transferring: While transferring files from your Mac computer to SD card in order to listen music on mobile phone. At that time, if any interruption occurs then there are chances for file should get deleted.
  • Deletion of Large Size File: If you delete the folder that contains music file which of more size using Command Delete option, then the files bypasses Trash folder, therefore you cannot find files in it. Thus this could lead to permanent deletion of your music files.
  • System Restoration: If you restore the system settings without having back up of your music files, then the files contained in your Mac could get deleted.

Apart from above mentioned scenarios, you can recover music files for various other causes. Whatever may be the file deletion scenario, you can recover deleted music files with the utilization of Mac File Recovery software.

Features of Mac File Recovery software:

Mac File Recovery software is the best media file recovery application to retrieve deleted music on Mac. Its advanced algorithms instructions ensure easy and safe way to restore deleted music on Mac system. The software not only restores music files but also recover picture file, video files, digital RAW photos etc. from Mac computer. This utility also helps in retrieving music files and other documents from different storage devices like portable hard disks, USB external hard drives, memory cards, FireWire drives, iPods, etc. The software works well with various versions of Mac (Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks) Operating System. It supports recovery of files from file systems like HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 partitions. It contains built in ?Find Tool?, which is used to find files in recovered data list. You can resume saving process at any during the recovery process using feature called ?Save Recovery Session?, and because of this feature no need to rescan your drive. With the preview option you can open the recovered files before saving it. This software supports recover files on both 32 as well as 64 bit Operating Systems. Click on the link to know how to recover deleted files from external hard drive:

Safety measures:

  • Don?t do system restoration without any proper back up to prevent from file deletion.
  • Deleted files usually move to Trash folder, while emptying Trash folder confirm twice to prevent from or in order to avoid permanent deletion of music files.

Tip to Flash Drive File Recovery

Looking for the removable storage devices? Searching for portable storage devices? Want the storage devices in low cost? Expecting storage device small in size? Then Flash Drives are the best option to go for.As we come to know that flash drives can be connected to many PCs then it is understood that there will be chances of data loss from the flash drives, all the data you store on it can get deleted in a single blink of an eye.

Got scared!!! Feel happy because here we have the excellent tool, Repair Deleted Songs, which will recover all your deleted data from flash drives. Let`s study some scenarios where one can lose the data from the flash drives-


  • Antivirus scan- supposes you kept the data in specific folder along with the other data. If scan of the antivirus found threat in the folder, where you put your data, then sometimes without any notice it will delete the folder. In this situation along with the entire folder your data will also deleted even though it has no threat.
  • System issues- the system with which you connect the flash drive and working on it, if it get abruptly get off then there are the chances of the data loss from the flash drives.
  • Third party utility-?while working with flash drives connected to the PC, if you are utilizing some third party software which is hard to rely on then it might harm the system. This will cause the data inside the flash drive or may be your flash drive get corrupted.

More cases like virus influences, file system crash, power surge, illegal handling with device etc. Taking all the possibilities in account whenever you lose the data from flash drive straightly use the file recovery tool and get back your data for sure. Let`s have precise focus on the features of this tool-


  • It comprises inbuilt algorithm which will support file format like audio, video, text files etc.
  • Also recover the files from formatted partitions as well as after the partition undergoes the re-installation process.
  • It has an ability to recover files from the drive which are unable to recognize or cannot boot or has been formatted.
  • Files which get deleted by SHIFT+DEL key combination or from command prompt in Windows are also recovered.
  • You can find the data by their names, size, data of creation, extensions etc.
  • To overcome from bad sector issue it will create image of disk so that you can recover data from it.
  • Supports flash drives like SD, XD, MMC etc. external drives like USB sticks, FireWire drives, iPods etc. For more info visit:
  • Recovers data from HDD like SATA, SCSI and IDE.
  • It has an ability of recovering the data from partitions like NTFS and FAT.

Best Portable Hard Drive Recovery Software

The leading use of that portable drive is usually to provide the backup of stored data and prevent data loss. It is readily available with different safe-keeping capacity to save multiple of files and very portable from one location to another. It is always an easiest way to store your different number of files like photographs, audio file, video files and many others. Hence, you usually take away from one destination to another place. Nevertheless, the problem occurs when user sometimes deletes or platforms the drive as well as file system gets corrupted due to various other reasons.

If anything eventually the external drive so you lose crucial documents associated with your college as well as office project, subsequently, definitely you might be looking for the perfect solution is to emerge from this unexpected predicaments. Don’t be anxiety, you are going to know the solution for your above discussed problems and it’s easier to rescue deleted as well as lost data on the external disk drive by making use of Recover Hard Drive application. No matter, in what situation you have lost data, this utility will truly guides to retrieve hard drive.

Every user got to know about the files loss scenario, let’s discuss it:

Reformatting: It is operations to convert a single file system to another for example FAT16 to NTFS5 or vice versa is known as reformatting. In case you encounter any interruption due to which the conversion process gets stopped then it may result to the actual corruption of file system and you will lose the convenience.

Power failure: Usually, portable HDD is employed to transfer data collected from one of computer to yet another computer, if in the event you come across the matter where your system de-activate suddenly due to power failure even though transferring the records from external disk drive to laptop or computer storage media as well as vice versa. You will find chances for the actual damage of file system of additional disk drive.

Accidental deletion: Sometimes, user erases files on the external storage drive and possesses conception that it’ll be save into the actual Recycle bin as well as Trash bin. But instantly when you rub out any files on the external drive then it will bypass the short-lived storage media on both Mac and Windows OS.

Perhaps you have faced any of the aforementioned scenarios? No must worry, make utilization of this software for portable hard drive recovery. For further enquiry you can travel to on this viewable link It is built with unique algorithm beneath more qualified application developer available in the profession. Not only external disk drive, this tool has capacity to retrieve lost as well as deleted files via other storage drives like memory card, USB drive, pen drive and many others. It supports retrieval of lost as well as deleted data via various file system like FAT32, FAT16, NTFS, HFS, etc. and store on your desired location. It is possible to preview restored records before saving for it. Any user can perform rescue operation employing this tool kit even person don’t have technical knowledge.

Expertise Tool to Recover Data from Formatted Micro SD Card

Are you currently getting an error message, while accessing SD card? In each and every attempt of accessing SD card data, you are receiving same error message. Further, you have decided to go online for effective solution. From there, you have discovered that it is because of corruption of SD card. Actually when SD card show an error message, then it is due to corruption of file system. File system is a data format, which you can find in any existing storage device. It is utilized to keep data within the storage device in an organize way. It is used whenever you attempt to access data from the memory card. When you are getting an error message, while accessing SD card, it is must to format the card to make it usable again. After format, there is nothing left inside the SD card. Here in this kind of condition, in case you lose any vital files then this situation become drastic in your case. When this happens, there are several ways through, which you can successfully recover lost data from SD card.

It is possible to take assistance of recovery expert to retrieve lost data from SD card. However, it will cost you a great deal, mainly because this technique is too costly. Normal people cannot afford this. You can test another very cost-effective strategy to retrieve lost data from SD card that is recovery tool. Here in this type of condition you can utilize one of the effective tools named SD Card Recovery. It is most trustworthy tool of present moment and you may find this tool effective enough to retrieve videos, images, music etc from formatted / re-formatted micro SD, SD, SDHC, SDXC, CF, MMC, XD and so forth. You possibly can make utilization of this tool to extract micro SD card on both traditionally used operating system like Widows as well as Mac based systems. With the help this utility, it is possible to effectively get back from formatted micro SD card of various brands such as Lexar, Media man, Strontium, Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend, Sony etc.

Let us talk of some causes that could result in corruption of SD card. One of the primary factors that cause the corruption of SD card is virus attack. Whenever you connect SD card to virus-infected system then, there is a t possibility of relocation of virus into system. it could result in corruption of file system and further you can face an error message while access SD card. one of the most popular cause of the corruption of SD card is improper ejection of memory card, whenever you eject connected memory card without following safe to remove option then this act may result in corruption of card and could result in formatting error message while accessing card. There are several other reasons that could result in corruption of memory card and you can utilize above-mentioned tool to retrieve lost data in an efficient way. For additional detail, you can check out this link:

Application Tool to Retrieve Missing Partition Data on Windows 8

Have you ever lost crucial partition out of your Windows 8 laptop or computer? Missing partition filled up with very important data and you do not want to lose those data any longer. If that is the situation then there is no requirement to be anxious and do not move towards conclusion that you cannot retrieve partition data. Here you should opt a highly effective file recovery tool by which it is possible to effectively get back partition data in an easy way. You can use among the well-known tools named Partition Recovery. With the aid of this tool, you are able to successfully recover missing partition or partition data in an efficient way. You can make utilization of this tool to retrieve essential partition from Western Digital hard disk drive. For additional detail, you can check out this link:

Let us undergo some popular reasons that could result in loss of partition data. If you use the disk utility tool then the operation ought to be accomplished without interruption. Assume you have chosen to resize the partition so that you can manage computer data. Once the process is in the meanwhile then there is a disruption takes place and the process breaks before finishing point. As it occurs then there is a possibility that you turn into incompetent to gain access to partition further. Actually, if it is happened because of corruption of partition table. When partition table is corrupted then you definitely turn into incapable to gain access to partition data or you can find that partition is not there in my computer window. Here in such a severe condition you can make use of the above-mentioned tool and successfully recover missing partition on Windows 8 in smart way.

Crucial partition could be deleted from computer by accident. It takes place often that user discover that there is no need of existing partition and choose to delete that partition further. When you do so then there is a possibility that you might delete other critical partition by accident. If it is happened then you can definitely face severe loss of data issues. Partition in Windows 8 missing on account of different causes and you can find previously discussed file recovery application to get back partition data. For those who have deleted or lost partition data out of your Windows 8 system then there is no requirement to be stressed. You can use aforesaid tool and effectively recover missing partition on Windows 8 in a productive way.